Foaming Cleanser Brush

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Our Foaming Cleanser Brush is designed to be used with our Foaming Eyelash Cleanser prior to applying lash extensions to your client. 

It is made from a wooden brush and super soft, gentle, synthetic hairs that can access the base of the lash line removing any build up and dirt with ease to cleanse to the entire eye area and lashes.

It is recommended that your clients use our Foaming Cleanser Brush with our Foaming Eyelash Cleanser as clients who clean their lashes regularly not only have healthier lashes but will have better retention.

We recommend discussing this important part of eyelash extension aftercare with your clients and giving them the option to purchase our Foaming Cleanser Brush by stocking it in your salon so your clients can use it at home in between refill appointments. 

The recommended retail price for our Foaming Cleanser Brush is $14.99.

We also have a Bulk Buy Option available. Purchase 5 of our Foaming Cleanser Brush at the price of $7.99 per Brush.

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